Past Events – 2010 – St. Ann Show

The St. Anne BVAA show was held at St Ann in Woonsocket, Rhode Island on 27th November, 2010.

Comments on Judging by Susan Kelley

I did go through why I chose what I chose which would be hard to repeat now with out the paintings in front of me. It is usually things to do with handling the medium, drawing , harmony of color, rhythm. I also said that in the future it would be great to put the painting #s with the titles both for viewers and judges.

And regarding framing some frames enhance paintings and some can detract. Some times frames need to be reused but keeping your paintings to a standard size allows a better reuse and can be cost efficient. Some things needed wider mats with smaller frames but a smaller matt was used to fit the painting into the frame. And the result was it had a frame but not the best presentation. Presentation is important. I can, when judging shows, put aside the framing and only look at the painting but not everyone can . ( Buyers and perhaps other judges ) I have seen some mediocre paintings in shows with an enhancing ( not expensive ) frame presentation and they looked spectacular and sold. Frames can be bought, and it can be rather universal in that many paintings would work with it.

I also mentioned a way to use avery labels that when folded the right way would adhere slightly to only the back of the frame and it contains the painting #. I would be happy to demonstrate that and this method does not ruin the frame and a price list could be used, as your club already does nicely. The labels were not adhering well to your display panels so I had made that suggestion.

Hope this was helpful feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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