Etsy for Art Sales

Etsy is a website solely dedicated to helping creators sell their creations. These creations can be watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, stickers of images, digital art, and much, much more.

Etsy takes a commission on each sale. It’s good to make sure you understand Etsy’s commission structure before you price your items, so you can be sure to “take home” what you want from each sale.

With Etsy, you the seller is responsible for shipping your art item. Orders come in to you, and you process those orders. You ship out your end product to the buyer.

You get started by creating an account at Etsy:

Look through other shops to get ideas about how to best name your shop, so that you are found. Also, give thought to what you want to use for your profile image and for featured images, to best represent what you want to sell.

Here are some BVAA member shops, to give you ideas.

Lisa Shea:

Amy Lanou & Dillon Herrin:

If you want to sell your art on the web, be sure to also check out our information on Fine Art America:

Both Etsy and Fine Art America are our recommendations for selling your art directly on the web: