Gallery – Pam Siderewicz

This gallery is for BVAA member Pam Siderewicz.

Artist’s Statement

Creating art in many different forms has always been part of my life. I remember my first lesson that my father gave me since he was working on portraiture in his spare time. I learned how to draw an eye, nose and mouth at the age of five. I was hooked on drawing.

Then came color and composition and I knew I would do this the rest of my life. Through the Guild of Creative Art located in Shrewsbury, NJ, I had the opportunity to study with Evelyn Leavens, Betty Hart and Mary Sheehan. Carol Petzutti Lenehan fresh out of college introduced me to portraiture that supported my art supply purchases drawing coworkers’ pets and children during the holidays for many years. Other than a few electives of art classes in college, my creative process was put aside to pursue a career in various chemical and scientific industries for many years.

Moving to Massachusetts and having the mountains, several major cities and the many beaches and parks so close sparked the creative spirit. Initially my photography was to serve as reference material for future paintings. I’ve found my association with photographers has me refining that aspect of my work. I also have gone back to pastels, oils and acrylics for color in my life. My best efforts at this time are my pencil drawings and that’s my focus over the next year.

I attempt to replicate that moment I see whether it’s a soft, misty morning or hard, crisp edges reflecting the midday sun. I want to convey that ‘Wow!” moment with one work or evoke a relaxed sigh by the viewer thinking about a peaceful time in their life with a serenity piece. I want you to have emotion viewing my work. Enjoy the view.

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