Gallery – Judy Belben

This gallery is for BVAA member Judy Belben.

Artist’s Statement

Judith A. Belben

My name is Judith Belben, and the medium I create in is photography. I have enjoyed taking pictures most of my life. My style of art is realism. To not over edit or distort my art. The humanities, which is the recording of the human experience inspires me. I continually develop my skills and knowledge through local artists and instructors but mostly by practicing and experimenting with light. Nature, Historic Resources, and Architecture are my favorite subjects. Each day offers another challenge in creating an artistic image through my craft. In New England, the unmatched seasons offer one of the best varieties of change and opportunities for seasonal light. A moment in time, and the light at that split second, can be captured, becoming a timeless piece of art, for all ages to enjoy. I hope to inspire all artists at all levels to enjoy and share their experience of creativity within the art communities.

My on-line galleries can be viewed at the and web sites.

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  1. Judy, I’m interested in contributing to the Milford TV mural. Can you let me know the details? When are you working on it?

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