Gallery – Elizabeth Havens

This gallery is for BVAA member Elizabeth Havens.

Artist’s Statement

I paint because it makes me happy. Painting is therapy and taking an empty canvas and creating a new painting … that’s an awesome feeling.

I use all the mediums :-). Oils, acrylics, watercolor, charcoal, and pastels. This inspires me to always be learning new techniques. I love painting landscapes and animals. I create shapes first, then colors and expressions evolve.

I have painted on sheep farms in Tuscany, llama farms in Maine, old buildings in Brooklyn, central park, Venice and Rome and my own back yard with never a lack of beautiful inspirations.

Many artists have inspired me:-). Charles Birchfield, John Marin, James Fitzgerald, my mom and sister, and of course, van Gogh.

I hope my paintings express the joy that creating them gives me.

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