Gallery – Don Iacovelli

This gallery is for BVAA member Don Iacovelli.

Artist’s Statement

I am a retired public school music teacher who treasures the arts in all its formats. I am also a composer and performer.

When I retired from teaching I turned my creative energy to painting. My style is folk art and was influenced by the works of Grandma Moses and her great-grandson Will Moses, who has become my mentor.

The folk art style brings to mind a kinder, gentler time of community, family, activities, and love. My paintings try to incorporate children and adults at play, cozy homes and neighborhoods.

I spend most of my time painting and creating new scenes that depict activity of past times. A child mischievously tossing a snowball, people skating and sliding, just having fun. Summer picnics, kids fishing, barn dances, and many other wonderful joyful times. Clustered homes with windows aglow with warmth and a sense that in their world everything is all right.

My paintings hang in many homes; some have been customized with that home in the scene. My paintings are at the Milford Public Library, Sutton Town Hall, Countryside Nursing and Rehab Center, Draper Place, and more …

2 thoughts to “Gallery – Don Iacovelli”

  1. Don Iacovelli has – for some reason – left off his artist’s bio that he was a master teacher of the arts for decades in Holliston. He was one of the people who inspired me to become a teacher – and I still use some of his methodology in my curriculum design to this day. Don understands the interplay between painting and music – and the idea that arts enrich our lives in a synergistic fashion.

    1. Hello,
      My name is Karine.
      I purchase a beautiful work of Don Iacovelli yesterday and I love it!
      Thank you Mr. Iacovelli!

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