Gallery – Carol Frieswick

This gallery is for BVAA member Carol Frieswick.

Artist’s Statement

The world of art has been a wonderful journey for me. I generally paint daily, learning with each painting session. My inspiration comes from the landscapes of a day well spent.

I became inspired to paint with the works of former BVAA member Marilyn Rocks. I took classes from her for several years. As time allowed I soon became passionate about the craft. I try to paint daily , learning with each session. Although I painted in watercolor for years I now paint in oils and pastel. I have continued my education at the Worcester Art Museum, going to many workshops and local demos. I participate in many local art shows and attend as many New England shows as possible.

My artistic goal is to share a wonderful day that I have had. Nature is ever changing, and you only have a small window to capture its magnificence.

Carol Frieswick’s Website

One thought to “Gallery – Carol Frieswick”

  1. Thank you for showing so many very nice paintings. I want to paint outside tomorrow!!

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