Gallery – Bob Evans

This gallery is for BVAA member Bob Evans.

Artist’s Statement

A late comer to art photography Bob spent his early career working in engineering designing lifesciences equipment and then latterly moving into general management. During this time he and his family have lived in England, Florida, New York and latterly in Massachusetts. Bob travels frequently on business and always takes a camera with him as you never know what that perfect image will appear.

During this time he had a very active interest in photography, probably coming from his father who is also an accomplished photographer. Over the years as he honed his expertise he found that what could best be loosely described as ‘landscape’ was his metier. Particularly in the abstraction from reality of key elements helped by almost exclusive use of black and white.

Early influences were Fay Godwin, a very accomplished English landscape photographer, sadly no longer with us. Her work evokes a deep empathy with the land and her keen eye and technical skill inspired him greatly. (

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