Gallery – Beverly Tinklenberg

This gallery is for BVAA member Beverly Tinklenberg.

Artist’s Statement

As an artist living in the Blackstone Valley, I like to specialize in landscapes in this area.  Here, I have an endless source of inspiration for my paintings with the rocks of all shapes, sizes, and color as well as forests, stone walls, rolling hills, and seacoasts. We have the seasons that give us a rainbow of color in the fall, yellows and mint greens in the spring and the white in the winter.

Whether I am painting plein air or indoors, I try to show a moment in time when light changes the mood of a place and of a painting. This portrayal of light by the use of color, texture, value and interesting shapes can make the painting peaceful, moody, dynamic or calm.

My challenge is to show the viewer what I see and feel.

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