Art Poetry 2019 – Lisa Shea and Liz Decasse

For our 2019 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with poet Liz Decasse and artist Lisa Shea.

Here are the works they created!

Lisa Shea provided this artwork to Liz:

In response, Liz wrote the following poem:

The second half of this pairing involved Liz giving Lisa a poem as a starting point. Liz provided this poem:


man on the corner
big teeth smilin’
big teeth smilin’ and laughin’
big teeth wavin’ us on our way
“have a great day,” big teeth say
though their cans can’t rattle or clink
’cause I had no clank to give.

big teeth seen it all
big teeth seen the phones
the bottles, foods, the waste
big teeth stayin’ boston strong
’cause big teeth tough,
ain’t got no reason not to

man on the corner
big teeth reachin’ up to the sky
clouds rainin’ down
fillin’ him up
’cause big teeth ain’t got nuthin’ else
and big teeth love what’s got

so big teeth keep on smilin’
big teeth always gon’ “hullo there, miss”
big teeth tellin’ me to enjoy the day
and man on the corner,
he understands
big teeth stayin’ firm and steady
’cause big teeth know –
frownin’ won’t do nothin’
and smilin’ brings out the sun.

In response, Lisa provided this artwork:

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