Art Poetry 2019 – Lisa Shea and Linda DeFeudis

For our 2019 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with poet Lisa Shea and artist Linda DeFeudis.

Here are the works they created!

Linda DeFeudis provided this artwork to Lisa:

In response, Lisa wrote the following poem:

No creature is stirring;
the old country road
is all snuggled and nestled
’gainst winter’s brisk cold.

The downy-soft blanket
of spun sugar snow
glistens and sparkles in
evening’s rich glow.

No sleigh-bells, no dashers,
no dancers will prance.
The river is frozen
in iced elegance.

Tomorrow might find
us abreast on those routes,
laughing in pleasure in
mittens and boots.

But tonight we are cozy,
the fire’s just right.
The bridge will wait, patient,
for morning’s first light.

The second half of this pairing involved Lisa giving Linda a poem as a starting point. Lisa provided this poem:


Tempers flare in red and blue,
bills flood in that say “past due”,
body aches; could be the flu?
all renews with flowers.

Winter freeze drives pipes to burst,
angry reader: “book’s the worst!”
maybe this whole year is cursed …
all renews with flowers.

Flowers show that beauty’s glow
overcomes all tales of woe,
whether mounting piles of snow
or desperate need for extra dough …

Single bud or lush bouquet,
grandiose or dainty spray,
petals will transform your day –
all renews with flowers.

In response, Linda provided this artwork:

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