Art Poetry 2019 – Linda DeFeudis and Marcia Ciak

For our 2019 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with poet Linda DeFeudis and artist Marcia Ciak.

Here are the works they created!

Marcia Ciak provided this artwork to Linda:

In response, Linda wrote the following poem:


Your blank eyes
Allure me

And mine,

Turban garbed,
Elegant, comely,
A mystery
To me

And me,
To you

Our souls meet,
A romantic destiny

A single look,
No words,
Beckoning me,

My love

Our hearts,


Bogie and Bacall

The second half of this pairing involved Linda giving Marcia a poem as a starting point. Linda provided this poem:


What is art?
A query you may ask

It depends,
One might say,
Reliant on the task

From sculpture,
To drawing,
To Painting,
To print

Of the Artist’s nature,
In task
It does hint

The Artist,
As his own DNA,
The creative process
Always at play

Mixing colors,
In theory,
The painter may try

And you,
Of the Artist,
His art,
Question why

Art, imagination,
Creative fun
To the max

Set comfort in motion,
Like music,

Different one’s views,
From one to the next

The Artist holds strong,
His art,
His own text

As the Artist,
Dependent on me

Relating to others
To see
What I see

Interpret you will
As is solely your choice

But art,
To the Artist,
His own special voice

In response, Marcia provided this artwork:

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