Art Poetry 2019 – Jane Nozzolillo and Young Farwell

For our 2019 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with poet Jane Nozzolillo and the painter Young Farwell.

Here are the works they created!

Young Farwell provided this painting to Jane:

In response, Jane wrote the following poem:

I’m so excited today
After school, the nuns
are having an ice skating race

I like all the nuns, but I would be
so happy if Sister Margaret Mary
took first place

I thought about asking God what he
could do to help her to win

I changed my mind because
doing something like
that might be a sin

Oh! dear sister Margaret Mary
Just lost the race, coming in at number 4

She smiled and whispered as she went by
“They wanted to win so much more”

The second half of this pairing involved Jane giving Young a poem as a starting point. Jane provided this poem:

My name is Ted and I’m almost five I’m also very sick
and the doctor says I have to stay in bed you

As  I laid on my bed and gazed out the window a bird
flew by and smiled at

I asked my Dad the same question I always ask
if birds can fly why can’t

Ted if you try real hard  to get well I promise  I will take
you to a place where you can

 I did get well and and I feel just great and today is the
day my Dad is going to keep his promise to

We are in a big basket with a  huge hot air balloon above
us and I’m flying and there is blue sky as far as I can

* * *

In response, Young created this painting:

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