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instagram Instagram is a fascinating social networking site. 20% of all Internet users use Instagram – and 75 million of them post every day. There are vast numbers of people who use Instagram who aren’t on Facebook or Twitter. So even if you personally love Facebook and use it a lot, it’s well worth it to also post on Instagram. You’ll reach large swaths of people who have never touched Facebook.

Instagram is solely about images – and it’s solely about smartphones. Sure, you can look at someone’s Instagram feed from a webpage –

But to do any actual posting you need to have a smartphone and the free Instagram app.

Note that this doesn’t mean you can only load smartphone-taken photos onto Instagram!

What many people do is this:

* They get the JPG set on their PC via Photoshop or whatever other tools they use.
* They then email that final JPG to their phone’s email address, or transfer it in another chosen manner.
* Once the image is on their phone, they can now post it to Instagram.

It’s quick and easy once you get the hang of it.

What’s the benefit of Instagram?

There are massive volumes of talented photographers who enjoy Instagram. Because it’s phone-based, they can quickly check what’s new when waiting in line or waiting for their coffee to brew. It fills in those quick moments in time. And because there’s so many millions of people just hanging out on Instagram, it means when you as an artist post something you’re likely to get a flurry of attention for it. People from around the world will appreciate and comment on your art. Heck, some might then decide to buy it! It gets you access to an instant, world-wide audience of art lovers whose sole purpose for being there is to look at art items.

Any downsides?

Instagram isn’t meant for image organization or storage. An image is posted with its key words and that’s it. People don’t tend to look back in time, given the huge volume of incoming art that is being loaded every second. So you can’t post 10 photos and then expect anyone to find them a month later. You want to keep regularly posting fresh content to catch the eye of visitors. If they like what they see they then are likely to look back in your library to see what else you’ve posted.

Lisa has written a book all about using Instagram as an artist. Whether you’re just getting started with Instagram or have been using it for a while, this book should help you maximize the way you use this amazing social network. Just email Lisa and she’ll send you a free copy of this book in either PDF (generic), EPUB (Apple / iTunes), or MOBI (Kindle) format. It’s one of the many added benefits of being a BVAA member.

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