Gallery – Verne Thayer

This gallery is for BVAA member Verne Thayer.

I have been surrounded by Art and Nature starting from my early childhood. My father, Elton V. Thayer, was an artist and we lived on a farm in Vermont when I was young. He only passed on the basics to me due to him being so busy and died when I was a young adult. So basically I’m self-taught. My influences were my father, Robert Wood, Earl Daniels, and George Cherepov. I tend to be drawn to the Hudson Valley style. But the best part of my adventure in art is that I learn or see something new every day. I’m never as happy as when I have a paintbrush in hand and a canvas in front of me.

One of the important lesson my father did teach me was, “Paint for yourself, and to hell with everybody else”. It has been that rule that has allowed me to enjoy my art without a lot of guilt or depression. Oh I have made many mistakes and still do. But I don’t let it hold me back. And I’m free to try something new or different.

I’ve been fortunate to have people like what I am seeing and feeling in my oil paintings. My paintings hang in the homes of New England and Australia. Though my paintings have been in shows, it is not my goal to paint for galleries or shows. As my father taught me, “Paint for yourself”.

There is no divine intervention or deep metaphor explaining my art as some artist have. Art is special and meaningful to me period. People who buy my art, see or feel what I have captured on canvas. And for that I am grateful. Anything more than that is their good fortune and nothing that I have done.