Gallery – Linda DeFeudis

Here is the online image gallery for BVAA member Linda DeFeudis.

I have to say that I like painting, in both Acrylic and Watercolors the best. However, Acrylic is more forgiving as you can re-paint over mistakes once it has dried. It dries fairly quickly, so you can go on to paint another section and then go back to redo it. I asked my professor about oil painting and she seemed to like it a lot. It does not dry and harden as acrylic but has a somewhat smoother consistency when dry. You can paint over mistakes in oil too, but it takes a much longer time to dry. I have never worked in oil so I can not comment from personal experience.

Watercolor is the hardest to paint because you have to be more careful with the brush in terms of  the pressure you use, with the mixing of paints and also with paint consistency. Once it is down, it is down! There are no do-overs in watercolor!

Overall, I find painting to be a very relaxing and contemplative activity; especially on rainy days. Why, I don’t know, except that a rainy day is also relaxing and quieting for me. Therefore, I always have my paintbrush ready on rainy days especially: a nice way to spend the day or part if the day! Soft music, while painting, is also enhancing to this mood while painting.

I can not take credit, however, for this pairing, as it was introduced by an Art Professor at Worcester State University where I have taken courses.

So, next rainy day, give it a try!