Gallery – Kathie Rocha

This gallery is for BVAA member Kathie Rocha.

Artist’s Statement

Capturing the innocence and simplicity of childhood is a frequent focus of my watercolor work.

Being primarily a self-taught watercolorist, when I first began painting people, both adults and children, I feared inaccuracy, allowing myself only to paint my subjects from behind. Over time, as my fears began to subside, I began painting subjects in more traditional settings from multiple angles. I now enjoy the challenge of capturing tiny details in my work – the twinkle of an eye, the cheeky grin, or the warm glint of sunshine on a tiny head – and freezing that moment in time.

Many of the children I have painted have grown into adulthood, and I am often told by parents and grandparents alike that my work still triggers strong memories. Be it love or loss, I take solace knowing my paintings have allowed for such emotional responses.

Surprisingly, even those early paintings set from behind still have strong stories to tell.