Gallery – Deb Bottomley

This gallery is for BVAA member Deb Bottomley.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I enjoy working with a variety of materials & mediums. Much of my work is created using photographs that I have taken for inspiration. When I begin a new painting, the photo I’ve selected to work from and the painting in my mind will direct me to which medium to use.

I enjoy the textures and details achievable with pen & ink or a charcoal pencil. I love watercolors spontaneity and the challenge of utilizing the white of the paper to create the final layers of light & dark. I love oils ability to blend. There is a different frame of mind for oils & acrylic as you can rework an area totally void of what was previously painted while watercolor is not as forgiving!

Most of my work shares a common thread of being inspired by or interpreted from photos taken over the years. I have “boxes” of notes & photos that hold the mental tag of “I’m going to paint that someday”.

Some provoke a memory that touches my heart and in the intimacy of painting, I am allowed a re-connection.

Others convey an emotion, a spark, a glance whose meaning is left for interpretation.

I also paint commissioned work from photos. If you’re interested in a portrait from a favorite photo of a person, place or pet. I encourage you to contact me for further information. On the “Commission” page you’ll not only see some of my work, but there are also a couple of examples showing you the client’s original photo received to work with and the end results. Once the original is completed, I can have the original scanned and reproduced as an archival quality Giclee print on watercolor or canvas substrate. This allows you to keep the original and give copies of various sizes to relatives etc.

Commission work beginning with live sittings for sketches & photos is also an option; Work would be completed in my studio, touching base with the client as the painting progresses.