February 20, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Hello All,


We discussed the following during the board meeting 2/20/14:

– shifting some event responsibility from Carol, treasurer, to someone else. Including PR relations and event planning.

– a review of upcoming BVAA and existing invites to events, Milford TV, Grafton Arts Festival and Spirit of Blackstone.

– BVAA Spring Show announced at the Milford Public Library April 25, 26. Judy has the task of food for this event. A detailed general emailed is needed

– a need for a event task list ( I will work on this)

– a need for an event art sign out sheet,confirmation or having the artist print thier own label and sheet after submission email confirmation

– possible future classes of zentangle and drawing

– placing flyers or poster at the Northbridge Home Show

– the amount of $ 25. for facebook advertising was approved -Lisa

– a BVAA tweeter account is active, a google+ account to follow and done, Lisa, Bob

– more space is needed for canvases during the next class/meeting for March 18 possible at the senior center, Pam


I am sure have forgot something

Thank you, Charlene