BVAA Show Terms and Conditions

* All hanging paintings, photos, and other wall-based items MUST be properly wired with framing wire. Small, circular hooks or triangles that often come on Michael’s-style frames are not able to be used with our hanging system.

* A work submitted to a BVAA show that involves judging cannot have been submitted to any previous BVAA show that involved judging, whether or not it won an award. It is fine if the work was shown at previous BVAA shows that did not involve judging.

* Works submitted to the BVAA must be original work created by the submitting artist.  All entries must contain copyright-free material or material released with consent from the original source. Unauthorized use of any copyrighted images, text, or other material will not be accepted.

* Artists submitting an application to a BVAA event grant the BVAA the right to use any and all information disclosed on the application or publicly available on the artist’s website, including the artist’s name, images of the works, and descriptions of the works, for purposes of promoting, describing, or reporting on the BVAA event. Artists grant this right for use in any media including, but not limited to: print, radio, television, web, and film.

* The BVAA reserves the right to photograph displays and artists at the event, and to use those photographs on websites, social media sites, brochures, calendars, and other materials. The artist still retain rights to their work. All work will be credited where applicable.

* Artists are responsible for pricing and sale of their works, for handling of credit cards if they wish, and with any return policies. All tax liabilities will be responsibility of all individual artists. For more information read Artists and Sales Tax.

* Standard BVAA commission on sales at BVAA events is 20%.

* For events which involve judging, any attempt by a participant to influence the result or subvert the competition will lead to immediate disqualification.

* The BVAA does not provide insurance on artworks. Each artist is responsible for insuring their artwork. The BVAA is not responsible for reimbursement due to theft, breakage, vandalism, fire, water, natural disasters, or other acts of God.

BVAA Event Submission Form