Member List

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Name Artistic Interests
Janet Aleid photography, acrylics, oils
Janet’s BVAA Gallery


Joe Altruda photography
Joe’s BVAA Gallery

Gail Arnold
Carol Arnold oil painting
Carol’s BVAA Gallery
Michael Backunas photography
Michael’s BVAA Gallery
Christine Beauchaine painting
Christine’s BVAA Gallery


Judith Belben photography
Judith’s BVAA Gallery


Deborah Bottomley painting
Deborah’s BVAA Gallery
Laura Cenedella painter
Laura’s BVAA Gallery
Gary Cunningham painter
Gary’s BVAA Gallery
Carol Dandrade photography
Carol’s BVAA Gallery
Linda DeFeudis acrylics, watercolor
Linda’s BVAA Gallery


Bob Evans acrylic, photography, metal sculpture
Bob’s BVAA Gallery



Carol Evans photography
Katherine Evans
Meagan Fedigan photography
Meagan’s BVAA Gallery
Rosanne Francesconi oil, watercolor
Bonnie Frederico watercolor, colored pencil
Bonnie’s Website
Carol Frieswick oils, watercolor, pastels
Carol’s BVAA Gallery
Muriel Funka fabric arts, decorative arts
Muriel’s BVAA Gallery
Libia Goncalves oils, acrylics, watercolor
Libia’s BVAA Gallery

Joyce Guzewicz oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing
Elizabeth Havens oils, acrylics, watercolor
Elizabeth’s BVAA Gallery
Lisa Hession photography
Lisa’s BVAA Gallery


James Hunt photography
James’s website
Giselle Hunter-Ensor oil watercolor drawing decorative arts
Don Iacovelli acrylics
Don’s BVAA Gallery
Donna Manley Photography
Donna’s BVAA Gallery
Donna’s website
Jean McGee
Pauline Mello
Donna Merrill
Anne McNevin photography
Anne’s BVAA Gallery

Anne’s Website
Katie Messina photography, painting
Katie’s BVAA Gallery
Linda Nelson
Scott Nelson watercolors, acrylics, illustrations
Scott’s BVAA Gallery

Scott’s Website
Karen Pendleton photography, drawing
Karen’s BVAA Gallery
Carole Plante acrylics, watercolors, pastels, drawing, decorative arts
Carole’s BVAA Gallery
Evan Plante
Ashley Potter
Cherie Quinlan
John Randell photography
John’s BVAA Gallery
Kathleen Rocha painting
Kathleen’s BVAA Gallery
Bob See photography
Bob’s BVAA Gallery

Lisa Shea acrylic, watercolor, photography, origami
Lisa’s BVAA Gallery



Dennis Smith photography, digital art, acrylics, and watercolor
Dennis’s BVAA Gallery

Cindy Stowe Wilder photography, decorative arts
Verne Thayer painter
Verne’s BVAA Gallery
Beverly Tinklenberg oils, acrylic, watercolor, pastels
Beverly’s BVAA Gallery
Leslie Towle
Sheila Turner
Karen Vincent
Al Weems photography
Al’s BVAA Gallery

Al’s Website
Catherine Willey
Joann Zeis photography
Mike Zeis photography, graphics, silkscreen prints
Mike’s BVAA Gallery

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