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This gallery is for BVAA member Dennis Smith.


Artist’s Statement

I create images of life and nature to fulfill my need to experience, share, and preserve what I find beautiful.

My images are mainly from the eastern US, Europe, and the Blackstone Valley. I also provide real estate and corporate photography for area businesses.

I started learning photography from my Dad when I was eleven. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Reflex and later I was allowed to use my Dad’s Rolleiflex. I learned composition and technique on the Rolli, developed the film, and made prints in a darkroom I built in the basement. I created my first paid portrait when I was thirteen. After music and corporate careers, four kids, and thousands of snapshots, I returned to photography in 2009.

My second art class was 50 years after my class in grade school. I extend my appreciation and skills with photo and art groups, local and online classes, and studying the collections of great museums in the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Austria.

I favor Pictorialism over Modernism. I have been most influenced by photographers Jay Maisel, Jerry Uelsmann, Char Fetterolf, and many others.

Perhaps more than photographers, my creations are influenced by many artists including Vincent Van Gogh, Ynon Mabat, Ben Ham, Rick Reinert, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Thomas Hart Benton, Henri Matisse, Antonio Gaudi, Andrea Del Sarto, Paul Cézanne, John La Farge, and Bernardo Strozzi’s The Calling of Saint Matthew.

I live in Uxbridge Massachusetts in the Blackstone Valley, which is the most beautiful area in which I have ever lived.

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