Minutes of Meeting Tuesday 18 Oct 2016

President Bob Evans announced:

  • The Fall show in Uxbridge is underway
  • Calendar voting will begin soon
  • 11/14 Uxbridge tapestry entries must be in
  • 10/19 Dustin Neece is in Concord at 10:30
  • 10/25 Macabre show will start
  • Lisa Shea has written a book on Twitter that she is offering at no charge
  • We are removing our work from Whitensville Antiques. The owner has other less expensive artwork she would like to display. We continue to have a good relationship and may do something with smaller more affordable works in the future.
  • Jay at the Grafton Inn has agreed to accept all of the work submitted online and will not charge commission on any sales. Dropoff is this weekend.
  • 11/5 The first Claflin Symphony Orchestra performance. Set up is Friday and take-down is Sunday at 8am. Work can be dropped off before 11/4.
  • 11/26 Small Shop Saturday at Alternatives from 10-4:00. Bins, cards, etc are welcome. We need a Santa Costume.


Lisa Shea presented a fun hands-on demonstration of Gelli printing.

Seeking BVAA Photographer of Art

Many of our BVAA non-photography artists, such as oil painters, acrylic painters, illustrators, and such, would like to be able to make prints from their works. They are looking for professional help in getting a high-quality JPG version of their original image. As we all know, that can be incredibly challenging. There can be a variety of issues with flash, lighting, reflection, and more.

The BVAA is looking for one of our photographers to offer a photography service to members in need. You can set a fair price for that service. Other photographers in our area charge $10/3 artworks and $20 for up to 10, for example.

You could choose to do the photography once a month or batch them up in other ways. The aim is not for this to be a fast-demand service but rather a planned out activity.

If you’re a BVAA member who would be interested in offering this service, please let us know!

Minutes of AGM 17May2016

Minutes of BVAA Annual Meeting May 17, 2016

Pam Siderewicz shared recent accomplishments of the BVAA:
• The website is wonderful thanks to Bob Evans and Lisa Shea
• 601 “likes” on Facebook
• More than 4300 followers on Twitter
• 23 BVAA-linked shows plus 12 non-BVAA shows
• Membership is now 61 (membership was 18 only 4 years ago)

Upcoming shows and events
• Plein Air is 5/21
• Amazing Things Art Center show is April 2018. They have other wall space available through the year.
• Sutton Art Show is 6/4. Three pieces per person. Request for volunteers to set up panels and canopies at 8:00.
• Blackstone Library Spring Show openings are 6/16 from 5:00-8:00 and 5/18 from 12:00-2:00
• Marie Cafferty has received a $500 grand for promoting youth education and the environment through the topic “Consolidated Energy”. The programs will take place at the Millbury library and have components of photography, writing and art.

Next year
• Planning for next year’s programs will take place over the summer. All are welcome to attend planning meetings. Members were asked to submit ideas for programs.

• Officers
President – Bob Evans
Vice President – Lisa Shea
Treasurer – Carol Frieswick
Secretary – Carol Dandrade
Social Networking – Becky Smith

• Board Members renewing their terms
Marie Cafferty
Muriel Funka
Karen Pendleton

• New Board Member
Pam Siderewicz

Bob Evans, as new president, thanked Pam for her years of service to BVAA. He gave his vision for the next year with a focus on
• Growth
• More competitions with cash prizes
• Artistic integrity and relationship
• Hosting more events
• Promoting BVAA

The banquet followed and a good time was had by all!

Minutes of BVAA Board Meeting-Tuesday 26Apr2016



The slate of officers for the upcoming election is:

  • President                               Bob Evans
  • Vice President                      Lisa Shea
  • Treasurer                               Carol Frieswick
  • Secretary                               Carol Dandrade
  • Corresponding Sec’y           Becky Smith
    • (With social networking by Lisa Shea and Bob Evans)
  • Reception Committee         Marie Cafferty
  • Show Committee                 Pam Siderewicz


Members of the Board of Directors who are continuing their three year terms:

  • Muriel Funka
  • Karen Pendleton
  • Marie Cafferty



Milford TV hanging and reception is 4/28


Claflin Orchestra

  •                   4/28 and 4/29 drop-off
  •                   4/30 concert
  •                   5/1 pickup between 8:00-10:00am


Premiere Gallery would like us to have another exhibit for photography only. Drop-off  5/25-27


Spring Show will be at the Blackstone Library. $20 for 3 pieces. They have cabinets for origami, etc.


Bob Evans is in contact with Whitinsville Antiques. They are interested in selling our art. It would be for a 3-month term. All works to be for sale and under $300. There will be a 30% commission. A selection process will have to be devised if more people are interested than there is room for.


Atria Draper in Hopedale is being considered for the Fall venue. Foot traffic is not good there.

Also being considered are Hopedale’s Christmas in July and their Fall Arts Festival.


Bonnie Coombs of the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor has asked BVAA to paint the tubes (for disposal of hooks and lures) at Riverbend Farm.


Next year’s meetings

We will hold regular meetings in September, November, January, March and May.

There are no meetings in the summer.

The Board brainstormed ideas for possible programs.



BVAA has over $9000 in the club account.


Our current membership is 61.


We will begin an Artist of the Month program starting in September. Bob Evans will be the first to be spotlighted. He will provide an expanded bio and include his vision for the upcoming year.


We will start an Alumni Page and give each a Lifetime Member Certificate.


Pot Luck

The main dish will be ordered from Oliva’s.

Attendees will be asked to bring an appetizer or dessert and a beverage.