Minutes of BVAA Board Meeting-Tuesday 26Apr2016



The slate of officers for the upcoming election is:

  • President                               Bob Evans
  • Vice President                      Lisa Shea
  • Treasurer                               Carol Frieswick
  • Secretary                               Carol Dandrade
  • Corresponding Sec’y           Becky Smith
    • (With social networking by Lisa Shea and Bob Evans)
  • Reception Committee         Marie Cafferty
  • Show Committee                 Pam Siderewicz


Members of the Board of Directors who are continuing their three year terms:

  • Muriel Funka
  • Karen Pendleton
  • Marie Cafferty



Milford TV hanging and reception is 4/28


Claflin Orchestra

  •                   4/28 and 4/29 drop-off
  •                   4/30 concert
  •                   5/1 pickup between 8:00-10:00am


Premiere Gallery would like us to have another exhibit for photography only. Drop-off  5/25-27


Spring Show will be at the Blackstone Library. $20 for 3 pieces. They have cabinets for origami, etc.


Bob Evans is in contact with Whitinsville Antiques. They are interested in selling our art. It would be for a 3-month term. All works to be for sale and under $300. There will be a 30% commission. A selection process will have to be devised if more people are interested than there is room for.


Atria Draper in Hopedale is being considered for the Fall venue. Foot traffic is not good there.

Also being considered are Hopedale’s Christmas in July and their Fall Arts Festival.


Bonnie Coombs of the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor has asked BVAA to paint the tubes (for disposal of hooks and lures) at Riverbend Farm.


Next year’s meetings

We will hold regular meetings in September, November, January, March and May.

There are no meetings in the summer.

The Board brainstormed ideas for possible programs.



BVAA has over $9000 in the club account.


Our current membership is 61.


We will begin an Artist of the Month program starting in September. Bob Evans will be the first to be spotlighted. He will provide an expanded bio and include his vision for the upcoming year.


We will start an Alumni Page and give each a Lifetime Member Certificate.


Pot Luck

The main dish will be ordered from Oliva’s.

Attendees will be asked to bring an appetizer or dessert and a beverage.


Minutes of BVAA Meeting Tuesday 19Apr2016

Minutes of BVAA Meeting  April 19, 2016


The Canal District Art Walk will take place every third Tuesday from 5:00-9:00. The artist must be present and, preferable, demonstrating their art. Preferred size is one side at least 24” wide. No photography.


The Milford TV changeover to florals for May and June is 4/28/16 from 6:00-8:00.


The last Claflin Symphony of the season is 4/30. Drop off is 4/28 and 4/29 from 5:00-7:00 and pickup is 5/1 from 8:00-10:00am


The Annual Meeting/Dinner/Election of officers is 5/17/16. Main dishes will be ordered from Oliva’s ($10-12 per person) with appetizers and desserts provided by attendees. Members are asked to email info@BVAA with what they will be bringing.


The Plein Air class is 5/21/16. A $25 deposit is required to secure a spot.


The Sutton Art Festival is 6/4/16 from 9:00-4:00. We will have bin art and 2 booths – one for plein air and one for other member’s art. e


Amazing Things will be contacted to secure a date for next year’s Spring show. The works will be on display for a month.


Members were asked for ideas for demonstrations and programs for next year’s meetings. If there is no input we might have to cut down to 5 meetings similar to the past operation.


Al Weems presented a comprehensive workshop on photographing artwork.

Minutes of BVAA Meeting Tuesday 15Mar16

Minutes of BVAA Monthly Meeting March 15, 2016

Big Picture Frame in Milford is offering BVAA members a 50% discount. Carol F. will find out whether than is over and above their ongoing discount. Lisa will add this to our newsletter.

Field Trip to photography Shaw Farm is 3/18 from 5:00-6:00 at 17 Shaw Lane.

Show at Premiere Image is on after Lisa was able to encourage enough people to enter.
The opening is 3/24 from 6:00-8:00. Members are asked to bring munchies.

We have been invited to attend a show by the Quinebog Art Center in Southbridge of abstract expressionist painting by Marion Kolbe on 4/1 from 7:00-9:00. We might be able to use their venue in the future. Julie Pohaska is the director.

Pam will contact Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham to schedule our Spring 2017 show for April or May. Artwork will be displayed for a month. She will ask Ellen at Amazing Things if we can have a Saturday afternoon opening.

The Booklovers Gourmet in Webster will hold a cyanotype show in July.

The Plein Air is scheduled for 5/21 in Sutton with Gerard Blouin. Carol F. has received permission to use the Whittier Farm area. Lisa will contact a friend of hers who owns property with a view of 2 farms.

The Sutton Art Festival is 6/4. We will display our plein air paintings and other art.

There will be no formal meeting next month but the board will meet regarding officers for next year. Pam will be stepping down and Lisa has offered her name for consideration as president.

Guest presenter: Sarah Alexander showed examples of her beautiful paintings and gave a demonstration of her technique.

Minutes of BVAA Meeting Tues 16Feb16

Current Shows
There was a lot of interest at our Claflin Concert show.

The Choco L’Art show is ongoing and several ballots have been received.

Upcoming Shows
We are still looking for a venue for our Spring show.
Amazing Things is booked through the year. Pam will contact them soon for next year.
Consider the Atria? Norfolk Public Library? Patriot Place Gallery 21?

Plein Air – We haven’t received any feedback on a location. It is being supported by a grant from
the Sutton Cultural Council so it must be in that area.

Field Trip 2/16/16 to the Worcester Art Museum Cyanotype show.

Next meeting: March 15th. Sarah Alexander will present a demonstration on Three Dimensional Water Color painting

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