2017 Tower Hill Daffodil Field Trip

Breathe in the fresh spring air! The BVAA will be taking a field trip to the Tower Hill Botanical Garden sometime in April – whenever they announce their daffodil field is at full bloom. Usually it’s the last week in April, but it of course depends on the weather. As of 4/16 Tower Hill is reporting they’re on track for the last week of April. Let us know your availability in that time range.

We’ll be watching their website for updates on the field status.

More info on Tower Hill –


and info on the Field of Daffodils –


Comment here or let us know at the main INFO @ BVAA.org email address if you’d like to join us. The plan will be to go in mid-afternoon when it’s both sunny and warm. Contact Lisa via text or cell or her gmail.com email address once you get there if you’d like to hook up. Or just meander over to the daffodils :).

Most libraries offer discount passes to get in.

In past years, Tower Hill has run an associated photography contest. The photo must have been taken between April 1 and April 30, 2016 at Tower Hill. We’ll let you know if we see any news of that happening again.

Flora at the Worcester Art Museum 2017

The field trip to the Flora show at the Worcester Art Museum on January 27, 2017 was stunning! Not only were the flower arrangements beautiful but the WAM also had a powerful show on civil rights. Well worth a visit.

Here are a few photos!

Flora 2017 Flowers and Art at the Worcester Art Museum

It’s that time of year! We’ll do a field trip to Flora! This fantastic show at the Worcester Art Museum has talented floral designers create flower arrangements to pair with specific works of art. The results can be stunning! Plus you get to roam the whole museum while you’re there, too. Always a treat.

Worcester Art Museum
55 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609

We’ll be meeting up there on Friday, January 27th, 2017 from 4-6pm. We’ll meet in the main Salisbury lobby (the one with the glass windows which overlooks the central courtyard).

The flowers are only put on display Thursday night so they will be fresh and colorful! The museum is open Friday night until 8pm so for members who show up late, just contact Lisa to find out where the group is.

Check your email for Lisa’s contact information – she provides it for email, text, and phone call, so you have three different options of finding her.

We hope to see you there!

Official Worcester Art Museum page on FLORA

Tower Hill Winter Reimagined – Jan 4 2017

The BVAA will be taking a field trip to the Tower Hill light show “Winter Reimagined” on January 4, 2017 at 6pm. Tower Hill is time-ticketing the show this year meaning you have to buy a ticket for a specific time in order to enter. They are doing this to help stagger the crowds. The show has been selling out each day so be sure to get your tickets soon.

Their discounted tickets from libraries and such are NOT functional for this special show. You need to buy your Winter Reimagined show tickets online. If you have any challenges with that process contact the BVAA and we’ll lend a hand.

Sundown is at 4:30pm and by 6pm we’ll have full dark, so we’ll be able to fully appreciate the lights.

The show runs through January 8, 2017.

Here’s the full details:


Boston Street Photography

We had an amazing time on Sat, Sept 24, 2016 doing street photography in Boston! We visited Central Square, the skateboard park, and the area beneath the Zakim Bridge. Oodles of fun!

Here are just a few photos:


Lisa’s photo gallery:


Vintage WWII Airplane Field Trip – Fri 9/23/16

If you’re a fan of vintage aircraft, you definitely want to come along on our field trip on Friday, September 23rd, 2016!

A variety of cool planes will be coming to Worcester Airport in Worcester, MA for the weekend. These include:

F4U-5NL Corsair fighter
A1-E Skyraider strike fighter
P-51C Mustang fighter
B-17, B-24, B-25, P-51C all available to fly in for additional charge 🙂

The hours on Friday are 2-5pm. The planes will also be there Saturday and Sunday in case you can’t make Friday.

Entry fee is $12 for adults and $10 for kids 12 and under.

More details:


Wings of Freedom WWII Aircraft – Sept 23-25 2016


The Wings of Freedom Tour of World War II Aircraft run by the Collins Foundation is coming to Worcester, Massachusetts on Friday, September 23rd, 2016 through Sunday, September 25th, 2016.

The hours each day are:

9/23/2016 – 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM
9/24/2016 – 10:00 AM until 4:30 PM
9/25/2016 – 10:00 AM until 4:30 PM

The entry price is:

$12 Adults / $10 Children 12 and under.

Let us know if you’re interested in going out! We are planning our Boston street photography session on that Saturday 9/24 but that still leaves Friday as a plane visit day and then Sunday as a backup rain date!

More details:

Wings of Freedom Facebook Page

Boston Street Photography Sept 2016

We’re planning an excursion into Boston to do some street photography. The plan is for Saturday, September 24, 2016 with a rain date of Sunday, Sept 25.

The plan is for late afternoon street photography in Central Square and early evening shooting under the Zakim Bridge from parks on the Cambridge side of the Charles.

North Point Park and adjacent Paul Revere Park.


The idea would be to leave at 2 pm from a meeting point near here and shoot in Central Square from 3 pm to 5:30 pm +/-. Then we would travel to the park (not even 15 minutes to get there), and shoot the bridge and the skyline as sunset happens and the lights come on (sunset = 6:30 per the internet). Heading back home 7:30/8, finishing the day at the local rendezvous approx 9 pm.

Dinner? Bring a sandwich, which we would eat below the Zakim. That way we don’t spend the nice-light part of the evening sitting in a restaurant.

A bonus is that Blick and Artist & Craftsman Supply, both major league art-supply retailers, are in Central Square, so a few of us will sacrifice some shooting time to browse, I bet.

Another bonus is that the Lynch Family Skatepark is under the Zakim, too, right next to the parks.

Let us know if you’re interested!

Field Trip to Worcester Historical Museum

On August 5, 2016, the Blackstone Valley Art Association took a field trip to the Worcester Historical Museum for their Free Fun Friday event. It was a blast! Here are just a few photos. If you have some to add from this event please let us know!

Free Fun Friday – Aug 26, 2016

a11Where did the summer go? It’s the very last Free Fun Friday of 2016, on Friday August 26th. Here are the options:

Franklin Park Zoo, Boston
Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge
Freedom Trail Foundation, Boston
Museum of African American History, Boston & Nantucket
Normal Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge
Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield
Ventforth Hall Mansion, Lenox
Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster

Last year we went to the Franklin Park Zoo on their free fun Friday and it was an absolute MADHOUSE. We also went to Sturbridge Village (they were on separate days last year) and while that was busy, it was manageable. The sunflower photo is from that trip.

What would you like to do this year?

More about the Highland Street Foundation, who funds these free days –